The Hannah Peschar Sculpture park.

What a wonderful place so full of wildlife, living alongside sculpture which has been expertly chosen to sit within the landscape. It truly is a wonderful place of curiosity, wonder, tranquility and beauty.

Visiting here is like going on a mini adventure. Hidden within the leafy B roads of Surrey. The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden is not necessarily a well known place. We visited on a damp yet mild May day and had a truly wonderful time. The mixture of materials and processes involved in creating the sculptures and the care and attention to the positioning of them means that every turn and corner reveals a different viewpoint and dimension to each piece. There's a timeless almost ethereal quality to the space- it's rhythms determined by the weather and how it affects the light and the movement of the sculptures and the landscape they are becoming part of. You are most welcome to follow a set route however we veered of and found our own, exploring the undergrowth and lesser trodden paths.

It is well worth the time and effort to find so do visit the website for summer opening times.