Autumnal reflections in early spring

As the summer draws in and the colours become so amazingly vibrant, I reluctantly spend less and less time just sitting in the garden watching things continue with their everyday. The colours of the garden constantly fill me with a primeval joy- the subtle difference between the tones of the  ochres and russets from the grasses at their majestic heights, the dead seed heads I leave for the birds showing black against the dullness of the mist or drizzle and the fact our Cherry tree flowers again in December regardless of the weather or temperature!

I do love the Autumn, specifically for the colours and the layers within them. We got married in Autumn. It was no coincidence that we had gorgeous flowers in many rich and varied colours and textures from thistles to roses and then highlighted beautifully and romantically with candlelight. It all matched my husbands family tartan quiet nicely which was, I suppose, the beginning point for me. I think Chattan Ancient is the name but I'll have to check! 

I have been collecting natures hoard- seed heads, kernels, husks all to draw and Ive managed some of them too! Its been harder since Im working full time too but eventually the balance will shift. I hope.