Knit one, solder one...

A little promotion of Mothers skills here follows.

Mother’s skills in the craft arena are clearly one of the roots of my own interest. For my entire childhood we were bedecked in hand knitted jumpers (I complained of scratchy wool) and Clothkits clothing as I have mentioned before. Currently I have the most fabulous jumper knitted a couple of years ago for me, which has to almost have finished her off it was so complex.

We had soft toys made for us at Christmas and there was a continual stream of Blue Peter inspired gifts that we made for extremely grateful grandparents (who knew dried flower calendars were so exciting in the 1970’s)!

Macramé hit the scene, as did upholstery and more besides. These days I share the love of gardening with Mother as well as fabrics, haberdashery and ceramics, however our own skills have never really collided.

Mother goes from strength to strength with her knitting complexity and has in recent years become a dab hand at creating the most beautiful stained glass windows, fire screens and hangings.

I have tried making a stained glass panel before - it’s not remotely easy but she has the patience and the train of thought which works out these things methodically and mathematically. Far too long-winded for me.

She began small - little stars for Christmas tree decorations and then as a wedding present she did the most unbelievable window panel for us of the deep purple Irises we have around the pond. She has moved into making window panels for all their internal doors, some for the front door, a fire screen, a couple of window screens for friends and copious more smaller gifts both 3D and 2D. The choice of glass is exquisite and truly only when the light shines through can you really appreciate the effect of the minute differences in glass depth and texture. It is the precision I am so in awe of, it takes method and skill but also dedication, determination and of course it takes creativity to have the idea in the first place. So here I celebrate the skill and creativity of Mother who continues to make glass things but hasn’t yet started blowing her own!

If you would like a quote for a similar piece to any below, please email me. Prices will vary but start at £100 spending on size and complexity.