Husbands Photography

Brutalist Architecture and Floral abstracts... Rough, tough bloke, gentle insides ! 

My Husband takes photos. He doesn't just take them, he angles, sources the light, technically analyses and sets up the photos. He enjoys the science and tech nerdary behind the processes. He has qualifications in Photography, various software packages and is a bone fide Apple enthusiast/obsessive with a 25+yr career within the advertising and wider technologies industries.

He is also better than he thinks. Aren't we all?  I hear you say- well no. Quite simply some people have no idea how untalented they are- it's the human inability to be realistically self reflective. Im exactly the same.

He has no exhibitions under his belt but we're in discussions currently.

He has won competitions (international and local) people applaud his photos wherever we go. Whenever they see them.  I know I'm biased so I defer judgement to others and hope he listens to them.

Brutalist architecture appeals to his engineering brain. It is clean, stark and clever. It draws you in, it does a job and it is unashamedly there. In your face. He gets brilliant angles, viewpoints and perspectives. The tonal quality is amazing, the concrete, glass and steel.

On the flip side to this is the delicacy and form of the macro natural world photography he does. Mainly flora, occasionally insects but the abstraction he can achieve is mind blowing. The vivid nature of the colour, the dew drops with reflections and the focus, I like that he plays around with that.