Pebble Homage, Aldeburgh Beach, Suffolk

What a wonderful day we had, trundling along the coast at Aldeburgh in Suffolk. Husband and I braced against the coastal breeze in October 2015 to see the wonders of the Martello Tower and the Scallop sculpture amongst other things. We'd been to RSPB Minsemere the previous day and totally fulfilled our bird nerdery. The Westleton Crown pub was the ideal place to stay and we are planning a return as soon as we can.

Today though, was coastal town exploration day. Fabulous place Aldeburgh if you haven't been before, a length of beach edged by multi coloured houses come B&Bs and hotels, a grand old mixture of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, chippies, pubs and quite high end, high street shops. 

I had researched a little, as is my want, and I knew the Maggi Hambling Scallop sculpture was down the beach and the Martello tower with an Antony Gormley man was up the beach - or vice versa depending on your direction! I also knew we would enjoy ourselves. Husband wasn't sure - it was cold, biting in fact. Still, we persevered. We then spoke to an extremely friendly local with a strong Suffolk accent. I love hearing regional dialect or accents but many are disappearing, like my home county- Sussex. That is a shame and I may revisit this in a later post. So then we wandered Martello Tower way. We passed some marvellous places en route, bright and colourful wonderful house fronts and little alleyways. And then we stumbled across the Pebble Homage at the South beach Lookout. What an amazing little place, find out more at the link below;


Pebble Homage instructions

Pebble Homage instructions

I stood and read the instructions and then did pebble collecting.

Some of the messages already left were really moving, like people had opened their souls to the sea.

Some were more succinct, childish, rude or simply daft. That was the joy of it.

I selected a pebble for me and one for Husband. We wrote our messages and then left them, piled up with others ready to accumulate for the following year. 

I'm writing this now because the year is just finished. There will be millions of pebbles hopefully with individual messages on them, scattered across this beach and then along the coast and, long-shore drift permitting, around the coastline. Some never to be seen again. How wonderful.