a little bit crafty

A few weeks ago saw the return of Kirstie Allsop’s Handmade Fair at Hampton Court. I visited the first one two years ago, which was within the palace grounds. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the fair was dedicated to all things crafty from pompom making to knitting to paper crafts to artisan chocolate brownies. It was about time that those of us who enjoy such low-fi pastimes can get together and revel in them for a whole day.

This year I went with two friends both of whom share the love of Kirstie but also doing “craft”. We dabbled in wood block printing a tea towel, made a needle felt bee, attended a talk from Liz Earle, the natural wellbeing guru, and much more besides. It is such a fantastic springboard for so many people's desires to craft or exhibit that I sincerely hope it remains. Well done Kirstie for starting something big and well done us for continuing to go and spend time and money there! I picked up so many business cards again that I think I will struggle to research all of them with any kind of speed.