I grew up on the south coast of England and have always been drawn to horizons and beaches. I have a lifetime of collecting and beach combing. With family links in Northumberland, Scotland and the south coast, I have an affinity with wide open spaces. I gain a lot of inspiration from being at the beach walking alone, with friends, family, with Mother's two crazy Collies or without.

I come from a long line of crafty types, some knitters, some gardeners, some felters, some painters but all of us avid readers and walkers.

 My background is in the Arts and across the natural sciences, hence my fascination with flotsam, jetsam  and natural shapes.

I create delicate and sensitive drawings of items which make up the background to my life - for example pebbles, shells, seed heads etc. as well as beautiful handmade household items.
I draw on a variety of textured papers, some handmade, using pen and drawing inks to create a beautiful yet simple portrait of each individual jewel or treasure.
Inspired by the simplicity of beach combing or pond dipping, both of which I still very much enjoy, it is about appreciating the detail in the day to day, the overlooked or the discarded.
The largest of the drawings is A4 but the dimensions reflect the form. The photos are mine, with the exception of some I have used in my blog.

I am currently working on the pricing of items, if you have an interest, please use the contact me form to make an enquiry.


I currently live in Surrey with Husband (a talented Photographer) and two ridiculous cats .

As you will see, I also enjoy poetry on an emotional level rather than analytically. I think this sums up rather nicely how I feel, although a lottery win wouldn't go amiss..

"It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny

to have a taste for collecting shells

than to be born a millionaire."

Robert Louis Stevenson



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Holy Island harbour, the bench I was proposed to on and will always go back to.